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    Scottish DJ Sally C's sound and her rapidly growing label continue to captivate audiences, showing no signs of slowing down. The previous release, "Big Saldo's Chunkers 002", created a sensation, with the track 'Downtown' becoming a beloved favorite. The label's third volume maintains the same uncompromising intensity, delivering a powerful sonic experience. The EP begins with "All Love," an electrifying and textured house anthem that pulsates with infectious beats and exudes a euphoric piano-driven energy that cascades throughout the track. Following suit is 'Hit It,' a true embodiment of the Chunker style. Informed by hip-house influences, this jam packs tight drums, stabs, sirens, and one of Sally's signature monster Chunker basslines. "Control" emerges as a forceful banger, featuring eerie hooks and skillfully manipulated vocal samples. Finally, "Get Up" concludes the release with a breakneck pace, offering the fastest grooves of the collection.